God's Unfolding Story

Bible Story:

Abraham Had a Son
(Genesis 17:19,21; 18:1-15; 21:1-5)

Bible Phrase:

Is anything too hard for God? (Genesis 18:14)

Bible Truth:

God can do anything He says He will do.

Unfolding God’s Story For Parents

Today’s story highlights the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham that he would be the father of a nation of people numbering as many as the stars in the sky. Up to now, he and Sarah did not have any children, and they were far beyond childbearing age.

Talk to your preschooler:

Explain that God has special plans for our lives, and He had a plan for Abraham. Even though having a baby looked impossible, God made it possible. Ask your preschooler to listen for these words in the story: “Is anything to hard for God?”

Tell the story.

Ask: What was Abraham and Sarah’s problem? (They were too old to have a baby.) How did God tell them that He was about to fix their problem? (The visitors told them they were going to have a baby.)

What happened? (Sarah had a baby!)

Bible Story

Abraham Had a Son
(Genesis 17:19,21; 18:1-15; 21:1-5)

For many years, God had promised Abraham and his wife, Sarah, a son. Now they were very old, and they still had no children. But Abraham and Sarah continued to believe God would give them a son.

One day Abraham was sitting outside his door, and three men came up to his tent. Abraham thought they were travelers who might need food and water or a place to rest. Abraham offered to make them a meal, and the men agreed to stay. Sarah made some bread while Abraham had the meat cooked. Finally the meal was ready and they served their guests bread, meat, and milk.

While they were enjoying the meal, one of the men said, “Next year your wife Sarah will have a baby.” God was speaking through him. Sarah was still in the tent, but she heard what the man said. Sarah laughed because she thought she was too old to have a baby. Maybe for a moment she had forgotten God’s promise. The man heard Sarah laugh, and he asked Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh?” Then he said, “Is anything too hard for God?”

Just as the man said, a year later, Sarah had a baby boy. Abraham named him Isaac, just as God had told him to do. Even though Abraham and Sarah were very old, God made it possible for Sarah to have a baby. God kept His promise to Abraham and Sarah.

Activity Suggestion

Wash a Baby Doll

After talking about God’s promises to Abraham and Sarah and telling the story, provide a washable plastic doll, a small pan of water, and a washcloth. As you continue the conversation with your preschooler about how God has a special plan for each person, guide him or her in washing the baby doll. Talk about how God can do anything to work out His plans for us. Dry the doll with a towel, then briefly thank God for His love and guidance.

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