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" …, but David encouraged Himself in the Lord his God" I Samuel 30:6

The focus of our study today is encouragement. If you're human, you've no doubt needed encouragement from time to time. I want to begin by listing a few things about encouragement, in no particular order.

  • First, you can be an encourager! Yes, I do believe that some are especially gifted in this area. But I also believe that each of us can be an encourager if we want to be. A very simple way to do this is to just consider those that are a blessing in our life, and then let them know that they are!
  • Second, when you encourage someone you receive a blessing too. It feels good to let someone know you appreciate them or are praying for them.
  • Third, don't be an encouragement hog! There are some people that seem to constantly need validation. Anyone with this condition will never be an encouragement to others because they are always focused on themselves.
  • Fourth, ask yourself when was the last time that you where an encouragement to someone. Then make a point to set a goal to encourage someone this week! Send them a card or even a text. Men, it may be as easy as just turning the television down and looking at that lady in the other chair and saying thank you!
  • Fifth, encourage an encourager for encouraging you! Even encouragers need a word of encouragement every now and then. Otherwise, they might think no one cares so they might as well stop encouraging.
  • Sixth, ask the Lord to show you someone that may need an uplifting word.

I could list more, but the point is clear, encouragement in this life is important. We all need it, and we can all give it.

But our text says that David "encouraged himself”. We might be good at encouraging others, but how do we encourage ourselves? Well, I've got another list.

  • First, notice that it says that he encouraged himself "in the Lord". He considered his situation in light of what God had done and could do in his life.

Remember when he went out to fight Goliath? He said that when the lion and the bear came upon him that the Lord delivered him from them all. In other words, "yes this giant is formidable, but I know what God can do!"

  • Second, recognize the circumstances. The Bible tells that when David's men had returned from following him on what was an ill-advised campaign, they found that the Amalekites had burned their homes and had taken their families captive. In their anger and grief, they wanted to stone David.

I think David encouraged himself in part by recognizing that his men were distraught. They hadn't really turned on him; they were just overcome with grief. We can always encourage ourselves by stepping back and looking at our situation with a heart of discernment and understanding.

  • And third, I think he just laid himself before the Lord. You know, sometimes it is okay to tell the Lord that you're weary, or afraid, or tired, or hurt.

I had a pastor to tell me one time that I should never voice any negative feelings in prayer, certainly not fear, or the spirit world will hear it and use it against me. I say that's bologna. I think we should always "take it to the Lord in prayer". I don't care if there is a spirit world out there that hears me say I'm long as my Father hears me.

Encourage yourself in the Lord! And then, encourage others!